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1Vlade Andrej PlenkovićVlade Andrej Plenković
2Vili BerošVili Beroš
3Kiowa WarriorKiowa Warrior0
4Augusto PinochetAugusto Pinochet
Chilean military officer
5Marco PannellaMarco Pannella
Italian politician
6Tomislav ĆorićTomislav Ćorić
7Oleg MandićOleg Mandić
8Angélica ValeAngélica Vale0
9Victoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham
English pop singer
10Dario JuričanDario Juričan
11Davor BožinovićDavor Božinović
12Saddam HusseinSaddam Hussein
President of Iraq
13Alfredo MeocciAlfredo Meocci0
14Branko LustigBranko Lustig
15Andrzej DudaAndrzej Dudapolitics
16Harvey WeinsteinHarvey Weinstein
American film producer
17Renato PetekRenato Petek
18Horacio DuarteHoracio Duarte0
19Marjan ŠarecMarjan Šarec
Dates of birth
Tuesday, 28. January
Nicolas Sarkozy Nicolas Sarkozy 65 
current President of France
Jamie Carragher Jamie Carragher 42 
English footballer
Gregg Popovich Gregg Popovich 71 
head coach of the National Basketball Association's San Antonio Spurs

Dates of death
Tuesday, 28. January
Astrid Lindgren Astrid Lindgren 2002 
Swedish children's book author

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