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Artemio Franchi

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Artemio Franchi was an Italian football administrator.


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Artemio Franchi

Italian football administrator

1922-01-08 - 1983-08-12

Strongest Links:
  1. Alberto Gilardino
  2. Felipe Melo
  3. Luigi Ferraris

Known as:
  • Artemio Franchi
  • Artemio Franchì
  • Artêmio Franchi

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Artemio Franchi
De Gregori, Mötley Crüe, Ozzy I concerti dal 15 al 21 giugno
Artemio Franchi
Madonna, Springsteen, Mika In concerto dall'8 al 14 giugno
Artemio Franchi
Springsteen, i Soundgarden e i primi festival dell'estate

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