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Dario Fo

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Dario Fo is an Italian satirist, playwright, theater director, actor, and composer.


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Dario Fo

Italian satirist

Age: 88 (1926-03-24)

Strongest Links:
  1. Rita Levi
  2. Franca Rame
  3. Orhan Pamuk

Known as:
  • Dario Fo
  • Darío Fo
  • Dário Fo

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Dario Fo
Faro: «São Francisco, o Bobo da Corte» sobe ao palco do Teatro Lethes
Dario Fo
Sin-Cera lança recolha de fundos para Encontro de Teatro Universitário em Faro
Darío Fo
"Platea 26" presenta "Tengamos el sexo en paz"

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