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Plácido Domingo

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Plácido Domingo

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  1. Patricia Kass
  2. Miguel Bosé
  3. Paul Lincke

Known as:
  • Plácido Domingo
  • Placido Domingo
  • Plàcido Domingo
  • Plaçido Domingo
  • Plácidó Domingo

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Placido Domingo
Joso Butorac i Mladen Žmak nastupali 'preko oceana': 'Amerika je lijepa, ali Primorje je ljepše' ... -lijepa-ali-Primorje-je-ljepse
Placido Domingo
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Placido Domingo
Molestie, Placido Domingo si ritira da Metropolitan Opera New York. In dubbio sua presenza ai Giochi Olimpici di Tokyo ... itan_opera_new_york-236849994/

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