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Sarah Palin

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Sarah Palin

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  1. John McCain
  2. Barack Obama
  3. Joe Biden

Known as:
  • Sarah Palin
  • Sarah Palín

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Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin delivers bizarre and rambling speech at Iowa Freedom Summit – and her teleprompter freezing is only partly to blame ... -partly-to-blame-10002942.html
Sarah Palin
US Presidential campaign 2016: Republican Chris Christie is latest to start preparing campaign ahead of possible White House run ... -white-house-run-10004109.html
Sarah Palin
US Presidential campaign 2016: Donald Trump says he is 'seriously thinking' about White House run ... -white-house-run-10001344.html
Sarah Palin
Ďalší kandidát na prezidenta USA? Riadiť krajinu chce aj Sarah Palinová
Sarah Palin
Ďalší kandidát na prezidenta USA: Do boja o krajinu chce vstúpiť republikánka
Sarah Palin
US comedian Bill Maher slams 'American Sniper' for glorifying 'psychopath patriot' Chris Kyle ... triot-chris-kyle-10000185.html
Sarah Palin
First attempt to recover crashed AirAsia flight’s fuselage fails after balloons deflate ... balloons-deflate-10000259.html
Sarah Palin
Third of senior officers face axe as head of army vows to oust 'penpushers and yes men' ... hers-and-yes-men-10000102.html
Sarah Palin
Pet ferrets bite off newborn baby's nose and maul face after escaping from cage ... caping-from-cage-10000235.html
Sarah Palin
'Je suis Muslim': Hundreds rally in Australia over portrayal of Islam and Prophet Mohamed ... -prophet-mohamed-10000257.html

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