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Sergei Lavrov

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Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov is the Foreign Minister of Russia.


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Sergei Lavrov

Foreign Minister of Russia

Age: 67 (1950-03-21)

Strongest Links:
  1. Dmitri Medvedev
  2. George W. Bush
  3. President Nicolas Sarkozy

Known as:
  • Sergei Lavrov
  • Sergeï Lavrov
  • Sergéi Lavrov

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Sergei Lavrov
Siria, accordo Usa-Russia: nota congiunta Trump-Putin in Vietnam ... utin_nota_congiunta-180820825/?ref=RHRS-BH-I0-C6-P13-S1.6-T1
Sergei Lavrov
Iran, Trump approva nuova strategia: "Il mondo si unisca a noi per fermare il regime"
Sergei Lavrov
Missile Nord Corea, Trump: "Tutte le opzioni sul tavolo". Pyongyang: "Conseguenze catastrofiche"
Sergei Lavrov
Missile Nord Corea, Trump. "Tutte le opzioni sul tavolo". Pyongyang: "Conseguenze catastrofiche"

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