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1Donald TrumpDonald Trump
American business executive
2Roger FedererRoger Federer
Swiss tennis professional
3Barack ObamaBarack Obama
junior United States Senator
4Belinda BencicBelinda Bencic
5Liviu DragneaLiviu Dragneapolitics
6Du StandardDu Standard
7Paul WenzPaul Wenz
8Angela MerkelAngela Merkel
Chancellor of Germany
9Adrien TrebelAdrien Trebel
10Pascal WehrleinPascal Wehrlein
11Melania TrumpMelania Trumpeconomy
12Theresa MayTheresa May
British politician
13Andrej DankoAndrej Danko
14Romano ProdiRomano Prodi
Italian politician
15Kim KardashianKim Kardashian
American socialite
16Sorin GrindeanuSorin Grindeanu0
17Nico RosbergNico Rosberg
racing driver
18Jürgen MelzerJürgen Melzersport
19Viktorija GolubicViktorija Golubic
20Grace WeissGrace Weiss

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Dates of birth
Tuesday, 17. January
Jim Carrey Jim Carrey 55 
double Golden Globe-winning Canadian-American actor
Mohammad Ali Mohammad Ali 1942 
retired American boxer
Mohammed Ali Mohammed Ali 75 
retired American boxer
Al Capone Al Capone 1899 
Italian American gangster
Sylvie Testud Sylvie Testud 46 
double César Award winning French actress
Silvia Schenker Silvia Schenker 63 
Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin 1706 
one of the most important
Gregory Rast Gregory Rast 37 
Swiss road bicycle racer
Mohamed Ali Mohamed Ali 75 
retired American boxer
Steve Harvey Steve Harvey 60 
American comedian

Dates of death
Tuesday, 17. January
Bobby Fischer Bobby Fischer 2008 
American-born chess Grandmaster
Bobby Fisher Bobby Fisher 2008 
American-born chess Grandmaster
Virginia Mayo Virginia Mayo 2005 
American film actress
Zhao Ziyang Zhao Ziyang 2005 
politician in the People's Republic of China