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1Donald TrumpDonald Trump
American business executive
2Sebastian KurzSebastian Kurzpolitics
3Salah AbdeslamSalah Abdeslam
4Romano ProdiRomano Prodi
Italian politician
5Pascal LafossePascal Lafosse
6Elio Di RupoElio Di Rupo0
7Angela MerkelAngela Merkel
Chancellor of Germany
8Emmanuel MacronEmmanuel Macron
9Robert FicoRobert Fico
current Prime Minister of Slovakia
10Di RupoDi Rupo0
11Sebastián PiñeraSebastián Piñerapolitics
12Robert MuellerRobert Muellerpolitics
13Jean-Pascal LabilleJean-Pascal Labille
14Christ JesusChrist Jesus
15Augusto PinochetAugusto Pinochet
Chilean military officer
16Sofien AyariSofien Ayari
17Philippe ClementPhilippe Clementsport
18Johnny HallydayJohnny Hallyday
French singer
19Orlando HernandezOrlando Hernandez
Major League Baseball right-handed starting pitcher

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Dates of birth
Tuesday, 19. December
Til Schweiger Til Schweiger 54 
German actor
Alyssa Milano Alyssa Milano 45 
American actress
Robert Lang Robert Lang 47 
Jean Genet Jean Genet 1910 
prominent, controversial French writer
Rob Portman Rob Portman 62 
American lawyer
Gary Cahill Gary Cahill 32 
English footballer
Edith Piaf Edith Piaf 1915 
legendary French singer
Richard Hammond Richard Hammond 48 
English television
Jake Plummer Jake Plummer 43 
American football quarterback whose rights are held by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League
Karel Svoboda Karel Svoboda 1938 
Czech composer of popular music

Dates of death
Tuesday, 19. December
Marcello Mastroianni Marcello Mastroianni 1996 
Academy Award nominated Italian film actor
Jacques Tourneur Jacques Tourneur 1977 
French-American film director