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1Donald TrumpDonald Trump
American business executive
2Robert FicoRobert Fico
current Prime Minister of Slovakia
3Kim Jong-namKim Jong-nam
4Marine Le PenMarine Le Pen
French National Front politician
5Dušan KováčikDušan Kováčik
6Rodrigo DuterteRodrigo Duterte0
7Mr BainimaramaMr Bainimarama
8Steve BannonSteve Bannon
9François FillonFrançois Fillonpolitics
10Kim Jong-ilKim Jong-il
leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
11Igor MatovičIgor Matovič
12Kerstin CookKerstin Cook
13Carlos TavaresCarlos Tavares0
14Romano ProdiRomano Prodi
Italian politician
15Wayne RooneyWayne Rooney
English footballer
16Andrea OrlandoAndrea Orlandopolitics
17Mario FehrMario Fehr
member of the Swiss National Council
18John KellyJohn Kellypolitics
19Sunrise OneSunrise One0
20Zuhal DemirZuhal Demir

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Dates of birth
Saturday, 25. February
Jean Todt Jean Todt 71 
executive director of Scuderia Ferrari
Nestor Kirchner Nestor Kirchner 67 
President of Argentina
Flavia Pennetta Flavia Pennetta 35 
Italian tennis player
Heinrich Haussler Heinrich Haussler 33 
German cyclist
Sylvie Guillem Sylvie Guillem 52 
French ballet dancer
Joey Dunlop Joey Dunlop 1952 
world champion motorcyclist

Dates of death
Saturday, 25. February
Don Bradman Don Bradman 2001 
Australian cricketer