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1Romano ProdiRomano Prodi
Italian politician
2Claudio MarchisioClaudio Marchisiosport
3Milan LeonardoMilan Leonardosport
4Augusto PinochetAugusto Pinochet
Chilean military officer
5Cristiano RonaldoCristiano Ronaldo
Portuguese footballer
6Matteo SalviniMatteo Salvinipolitics
7Giorgio NapolitanoGiorgio Napolitano
Italian politician
8Marco PannellaMarco Pannella
Italian politician
9Napoli di AncelottiNapoli di Ancelotti
10Vannino ChitiVannino Chitipolitics
11Victoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham
English pop singer
12Angélica ValeAngélica Vale0
13Aurelio De LaurentiisAurelio De Laurentiissport
14Sorina MateiSorina Matei
15Carlo AncelottiCarlo Ancelotti
former footballer
16Saddam HusseinSaddam Hussein
President of Iraq
17Via LatteaVia Lattea
18Alfredo MeocciAlfredo Meocci0
19Fernando AlonsoFernando Alonso
Spanish Formula One racing driver

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Dates of birth
Saturday, 18. August
Felipe Calderón Felipe Calderón 56 
President of Mexico
Ted Hughes Ted Hughes 1930 
English poet
Gianni Rivera Gianni Rivera 75 
former Italian football player
Roman Polanski Roman Polanski 85 
Academy Award-winning French-born Polish film director
Luc Montagnier Luc Montagnier 86 
French virologist
Frances Bean Frances Bean 26 
only child of the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain
Umberto Guidoni Umberto Guidoni 64 
Italian politician
Zbigniew Ziobro Zbigniew Ziobro 48 
Polish politician
Bob Kennedy Bob Kennedy 1920 
right fielder/third baseman

Dates of death
Saturday, 18. August