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1Augusto PinochetAugusto Pinochet
Chilean military officer
2Marco PannellaMarco Pannella
Italian politician
3Victoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham
English pop singer
4Angélica ValeAngélica Vale0
5Saddam HusseinSaddam Hussein
President of Iraq
6Alfredo MeocciAlfredo Meocci0
7Zoran PredinZoran Predinculture
8Marin CvetkovićMarin Cvetković
9Luka IvanušecLuka Ivanušec
10Horacio DuarteHoracio Duarte0
11Papa FranjoPapa Franjo
12Igor RudanIgor Rudan
13Ana Ćosić PajurinAna Ćosić Pajurin
14Giorgio NapolitanoGiorgio Napolitano
Italian politician
15Rosy OcampoRosy Ocampo0
16Marco RodríguezMarco Rodríguez0
17Jake PlummerJake Plummer
American football quarterback whose rights are held by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League

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Dates of birth
Friday, 28. February
Mariano Zabaleta Mariano Zabaleta 42 
male tennis player
Mario Andretti Mario Andretti 80 
Italian American racecar driver
Dean Smith Dean Smith 89 
retired head coach of men’s college basketball

Dates of death
Friday, 28. February