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1Matteo SalviniMatteo Salvinipolitics
2Angela MerkelAngela Merkel
Chancellor of Germany
3Donald TrumpDonald Trump
American business executive
4ING RomâniaING Româniaeconomy
5Romano ProdiRomano Prodi
Italian politician
6Rupert StadlerRupert Stadlereconomy
7Horst SeehoferHorst Seehofer
German politician
8Francisco FrancoFrancisco Franco
dictator and later formally became head of state of Nationalist Spain
9Mariano RajoyMariano Rajoy
Spanish politician
10Meghan MarkleMeghan Markle
11Pedro SáPedro Sápolitics
12Sarah LombardiSarah Lombardi
13Tuning PartyTuning Party
14Roberto FicoRoberto Fico
15Melania TrumpMelania Trumpeconomy
16Giuseppe ConteGiuseppe Conte0
17Joaquín SabinaJoaquín Sabinaculture
18Augusto PinochetAugusto Pinochet
Chilean military officer
19Robbie WilliamsRobbie Williams
Grammy Award-nominated

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Dates of birth
Tuesday, 19. June
Boris Johnson Boris Johnson 54 
British Conservative Party politician
Dirk Nowitzki Dirk Nowitzki 40 
German basketball player
Christian Wulff Christian Wulff 59 
German politician
Muammar Gaddafi Muammar Gaddafi 76 
the de facto leader of Libya
Emilio Ferrera Emilio Ferrera 51 
Belgian ex-soccer player
Sadie Frost Sadie Frost 53 
English fashion designer
Francesco Moser Francesco Moser 67 
Italian former road bicycle racer
Jose Ernesto Sosa Jose Ernesto Sosa 33 
Argentine football midfielder
Blaise Pascal Blaise Pascal 1623 
French mathematician
Lou Gehrig Lou Gehrig 1903 
American baseball player in the 1920s

Dates of death
Tuesday, 19. June
Leo Jud Leo Jud 1542 
born in Alsace