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NamepediA Icons

Regular links Normal link
Small link - small links are sometimes used for unimportant things where it fits better with the layout.
Visited link - pages you have visited before
Unintrusive link - for example for the languages list on a name page
Internal links Internal link - aka "anchor links", links inside the current page
Small internal links - same in small
External links External link - link going away from NamepediA
Content-specific links Name type specific links: Given names are in blue, surnames in green.
Links on images Watch how the mouse pointer changes to a hand.
Instant tool tip
Text with a light blue dotted underline indicates there is a term explanation available. Move your mouse over it to get the short version. Often this text can also be clicked, then it is a link to the "terms" page with detailed explanations.
Normal mode
Mouse over
These icons can only be seen by logged-in users.
Open vote
There are open votes waiting for your opinion.
You've got new (unread) mail in your inbox.
Icons for editing content on the NamepediA website.
To initiate a change request
Mouse over:
Icons for editing content on the NamepediA website.
Data loading
Data is being loaded from the NamepediA server.
Name type and gender
Icons for indicating the type of name (give name, surname) and the gender.
Given name, female gender
Given name, male gender
Given name, neutral gender
Given name, unknown gender