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Last name: Daniel

» See also: Coley - English
» See also: Bruner - United States of America
» See also: Filhol - France
» See also: Ogórkiewicz - Polish
» See also: Myślak - Slavic
» See also: Kląskała - Polish

Meaning, Origin and Description

Meaning: "God has judged" (Hebrew).

a biblical name and a form of the Welsh name Deiniol, and the name of a 6th C. saint. Possibly adopted under the English spelling in the post-Reformation era.




Country: Germany (Europe)

Famous People

Taro Daniel  
Andrew Daniel  
Jack Danieldied 1911founder of Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey distillerycultureus
William Daniel  economycn
Red Bullin Daniel  
George DanielDeputy Commissioner

Similar Surnames

None found.

Languages German, English, Lithuanian, Welsh
Origin English
Countries United States of America, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark
GeosCzech Republic, Denmark, United Kingdom, Hungary Pre 1920, Ireland, Poland, Tennessee