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NamepediA: Real people
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Don AlvaroDon Alvaro
Álvaro SÁlvaro S
Alvaro PAlvaro P
Per AlvaroPer Alvaro
Alvaro IAlvaro I
Rua ÁlvaroRua Álvaro
Álvaro PazÁlvaro Paz
Álvaro ReyÁlvaro Rey
Álvaro GilÁlvaro Gil
Alvaro RAlvaro R
Qui AlvaroQui Alvaro
Leo i ÁlvaroLeo i Álvaro
Álvaro PopÁlvaro Pop
Álvaro F.RÁlvaro F.R
Ad AlvaroAd Alvaro
Dan AlvaroDan Alvaro
Yo a ÁlvaroYo a Álvaro

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