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NamepediA: Real people
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Rogelio IIIRogelio III
Rogelio ParísRogelio París
Rogelio T.NRogelio T.N
Rogelio ToribioRogelio Toribio
Rogelio CerónRogelio Cerón
Rogelio CannadyRogelio Cannady
Rogelio AmigoRogelio Amigo
Rogelio TisseraRogelio Tissera
Rogelio GuedeaRogelio Guedea
Rogelio MancillaRogelio Mancilla
Rogelio IglesiasRogelio Iglesias
Rogelio AriasRogelio Arias
Rogelio NúñezRogelio Núñez
Rogelio HidalgoRogelio Hidalgo
Rogelio CanoRogelio Cano
Rogelio TizónRogelio Tizón
Rogelio DiazRogelio Diaz
Rogelio IIRogelio II
Rogelio TanRogelio Tan
Rogelio Tan JrRogelio Tan Jr

Based on public sources NamepediaA identifies proper names and relations between people.