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NamepediA: Real people
The Name Database
Found 19 results.

El SotoEl Soto
Jesús SotoJesús Soto
Bob SotoBob Soto
Ana SotoAna Soto
Paz de El SotoPaz de El Soto
Max SotoMax Soto
Joe SotoJoe Soto
Marc SotoMarc Soto
Andrea SotoAndrea Soto
Mauricio SotoMauricio Soto
Sebastián SotoSebastián Soto
José Soto SotoJosé Soto Soto
Edu SotoEdu Soto
But SotoBut Soto
Doc SotoDoc Soto
Rut SotoRut Soto
Ito SotoIto Soto
Lorenzo Soto SotoLorenzo Soto Soto

Based on public sources NamepediaA identifies proper names and relations between people.