Kevin Pietersen

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Kevin Peter Pietersen MBE, parfois surnommé KP, est un joueur international de cricket anglais d'origine sud-africaine.


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Kevin Pietersen

joueur international de cricket anglais d'origine sud-africaine

Âge: 33 (1980-06-27)

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  2. Ian Bell
  3. Andrew Strauss

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Kevin Pietersen
Who has put their hand up to play in the one-day international against Scotland? ... -against-scotland-9284710.html
Kevin Pietersen
The Light Roller: England have made the right coaching appointment; just don't call him Mooresy ... -call-him-mooresy-9275436.html
Kevin Pietersen
Honeymoon already over, England head coach Peter Moores needs to hit the ground sprinting ... -ground-sprinting-9272479.html
Kevin Pietersen
Five things England must do in future
Kevin Pietersen
Five things England must do in future
Kevin Pietersen
Alastair Cook interview: England captain happy with clean breaks at work and fresh nappies at home ... h-nappies-at-home-9272316.html
Kevin Pietersen
If there was any doubt over a Kevin Pietersen comeback, Paul Downton makes it unequivocally clear that Peter Moores' appointment ends batsman's career ... in-pietersen-saga-9270909.html
Kevin Pietersen
'I learned from my mistakes,' says Peter Moores after returning to England head coach role ... d-head-coach-role-9271309.html
Kevin Pietersen
Cricket: Morgan eager to fill Kevin Pietersen void after snubbing IPL’s riches ... bbing-ipls-riches-9270261.html
Kevin Pietersen
Moores gets second stint as England cricket coach

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